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Today we are going to revisit the trigraph….




Today you are going to create your very own story map for your own story. Using the map from yesterday you can choose to change some parts of the story to create your own idea. You could change:

  • the character
  • the magical object the character finds
  • what the character puts in the pot

Draw your own story map using your new ideas. Don’t forget to send us your pictures using the ‘Evidence me’ app.



Sharing into equal parts (2’s)


When sharing into two equal parts, it always helps me to chant to myself as I do it.

‘One for me, one for you’

Physically separating and moving the sweets.


Practise: Using your skittles (or sweet/object of your choice) choose a number e.g. get 10 sweets – share them equally. How many in each equal part? Now, try a different amount.


Main Activity: With your family complete the following activities and record how long it takes each person.  Using a stopwatch (please ask your grown up if you can use a cooker timer or a smart watch or a mobile phone)


  • Build a tower of ten bricks (using lego or cardboard boxes)
  • Run a lap of your garden
  • Write you name five times


Write three sentences in your book about each activity using the words slower and faster. 


Mrs Dickinson built a tower in 10 seconds she was ________ than Golden Bear who built a tower in 8 seconds.

Spelling and Reading:

Look at your spelling activity sheet.

Can you complete it practising you’re o-e split digraph spellings?


Choose a book from your reading pack or eCollins library to read and share at home. Please record this in your yellow home school diary.


Topic: Choose an exciting activity from our Chinese New Year adventure activity pack!