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Super Sculptors!

In preparation for sculpting our own Greek Gods and Goddesses from clay we spent a very fun session squashing, squeezing, stretching and moulding salt dough. It turns out, sculpting figures is actually a lot trickier than we expected but we had a great time re-visiting previously learnt skills and improving our techniques!  

Greek Vase Designs

As we are now Greek vase experts, Mrs Scholey challenged us to create our own designs. We needed to take care that our designs were accurate and matched the colours and designs found within our chosen time periods.

History Detectives

We have been using our detective skills to name, date and find out the use of Ancient Greek vases. We gathered our evidence by looking carefully at each vase and studying their colours, patterns and shapes.

We also took a virtual tour of the Greek rooms in the British Museum and used our new skills to name, date and identify the use of some of the vases exhibited.