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Challenge 4 - Cookery Challenge

I find thinking up different meals every day is a real chore. It's hard trying to find healthy meals that everyone will eat.

I challenge you to plan and prepare a healthy lunch for you and your family.

Your lunch needs to have the correct balance of the different food groups and be appealing to the other people who will eat with you.

You need:

  • carbohydrates e.g. bread, wraps, rolls, rice, pasta, couscous;
  • fruit and vegetables e.g. salad, fruit salad, juice or a smoothie;
  • protein e.g. chicken, eggs, fish, meat, pulses;
  • dairy or substitutes e.g. cheese, yoghurt and
  • a little fat e.g. butter on the bread.

Plan a main dish, a dessert and a drink for each person; ask a grown up nicely to do the shopping and get cooking! There are some sheets below to help.

I look forward to seeing your photos! Mrs Stembridge laugh

Challenge 3:

Light and Shadows

I hope you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the sunshine. Here's a bit of Science to start of the week. I want you to tell me all about how light travels and how shadows are made. You could:

  • draw the shadow of an object to see how it changes during the day;
  • observe the shadows of different objects;
  • try to change the size and shape of a shadow;

  • observe the temperature difference between shade and sunlight;
  • make shadow puppets and put on a play.

Let me know your findings through the Year 6 email and I'll show them on here.

Have fun, Mrs Stembridge enlightened


Challenge 2

Science and Geography - Creating a Compass using the sun and fitness activities



Challenge 1

Art and Drama Activities based around Animals