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Tuesday 13.10.20

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Tuesday 13.10.20


This week in Literacy we would like you to complete your own 'Weather Diary' Each day you are going to write down what weather you can see and hear outside your window as well as draw a picture. You can even have a go at recording your own weather forecast. We have included an example for you to watch. 

UK Weather Forecast HD: Weather for the week ahead: A changeable week

UK forecast for the next 5 days Headline: A changeable week. Today: Cloudy with outbreaks of rain across southeast England, affecting central England and Wal...

Fun with Phonics

Today's phonics task is to play the phonics snakes and ladders game from your home learning pack. Let us know who won!


Today in maths you are going to be counting in 2'S! Using the sheet from your home learning pack can you fill in the missing numbers that we have sneakily removed! 


Your topic activity today is movement based. We would like you to write down all the minibeasts that you can think of! Then have a go at moving like each one of them. Can you wriggle like a worm, crawl like a spider, scuttle like a beetle? We have also added a bug linked yoga activity for you to have a go at too. Happy moving Year 1! 

Kids Yoga all about BUGS! 🐜🐞🕷🐝🐛

It's all about the BUGS in this compilation of awesome yoga videos for kids! We've got ants 🐜, stick bugs, spiders 🕷& bees 🐝 all ready to help us enjoy stret...