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Happy birthday to Leo! We hope you have a lovely day! 

Happy Birthday with minions


Watch Mrs Kippax explain todays phonics activity.

Phonics 02 03 21


Watch Mrs Kippax go through todays English task. 

English 02 03 21

Daily Arithmetic

Halving numbers - remember when we halve a number, it means we are sharing it equally between 2. 

Use the game linked below to practice halving numbers to 10. (Click on numbers to 10)


As a warm up activity click on the link below to practice your subtraction skills! 


Watch Mrs Kippax explain todays game to help us practice subtracting numbers. 

Maths 02 03 21

Guided Reading

Join Mrs Kippax for our final Guided Reading session on our 'What the Ladybird Heard' story. 

Guided Reading 02 03 21


Choose an exiting activity from our Julia Donaldson activity pack!


Head over to Torrisholme TV using the link below to listen to the story of the day. Today Mrs Thornburrow is going to read 'Monkey Puzzle.'