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Tuesday 8.12.20

You will find activities for today inside your paper pack. They will be labelled Week 1 Session 1.




Warm-up is TT Rockstars

Try your 3x, 4x and 8x over the week.


Class 3B, an online multiplication battle with class 3H has been set for this week which ends on Friday at 3pm!

Good Luck!


Don't forget to practise the spellings set for this week!


Your main activity for today is outlined on the timetable in your paper pack- Prepositional Phrases. Please read the sentences and underline the prepositional phrases. 


Reading Task - 'A New home'


I would like you to just read the short extract today and underline any noun phrases. A noun phrase includes adjectives to describe the noun, e.g. The tiny, black cat. Watch the clip below by clicking on the link.


If there are any words you do not know you should circle them and look them up in a dictionary.




Have a go at completing just the first two rows of your Victorian Scavenger Hunt by researching the answers.