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Breakfast Waffles

Breakfasts are a biggy here at Taylor Towers. And so here is a slight twist on the pancake option since we have a waffle machine (bought at a very reasonable price from an online rainforest named retailer!). The machine makes 4 rectangular waffles at a time and this mix usually makes 8, sometimes 9 waffles.


This recipe is taken from Jamie Oliver but can be altered to suit your flavour preferences. Mrs Taylor's favourite is with freshly grated orange zest to bring a fresh burst of flavour to your morning plate.


You could try adding a dash of vanilla extract, cinnamon, lemon zest/juice, apple pie mix... or simply keep them plain.

The choice is yours and yours options are many.


Ingredients 1

Almost as easy as pie, whizz everything together in a jug or bowl with an electric whisk if you have one. A classic hand whisk and lots of determination and elbow grease work just as well.

Mix until the batter is smooth.


Use your waffle machine as it instructs - remember not to overfill the waffle irons. Just one more job cleaning it all up!


Serve with whatever you like. They're much like a pancake; they can be sweet or savoury. So mix 'em, cook 'em, serve 'em and enjoy 'em anyway you like!

Waffles in action

Waffles in action 1 Measure ingredients. Switch machine on.
Waffles in action 2 Whizz ingredients together while machine warms.
Waffles in action 3 Pour batter into waffle moulds. Don’t overfill.
Waffles in action 4 Cook according to machine instructions.
Waffles in action 5 Cook until golden in colour.
Waffles in action 6 Voila! Enjoy with your preferred toppings.