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Wednesday 21.10.20

Good Morning On Our Last Day Of Home Learning....

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English - Magic Words

Today's challenge involves a bowl of water and a paintbrush. Can you write down these magic words on the ground, in your garden, before they disappear? You will have to be quick! 

The words we would like you to practise today are...

I to the no go into he she we me be was

Don't forget to share you wonderful pictures on 'Evidence Me'. We can't wait to see!


Superhero Maths

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Year 1 and their superhero subtraction!

Can you solve the superhero subtractions counting back from a given number, carefully?


Super Spelling

Your super spellings for today are the days of the week! Can you practise spelling the days of the week in as many different ways as possible? Can you write them? Paint them? Make them in lego? Use chalk to write them on the ground? Spell them in shaving foam or sand? Use water and a paint brush to write them on the ground?

How creative can you be in spelling the days of the week? 

We can't wait to see your work!

Magically Marvellous Materials

It's time to go on a scavenger hunt around your house. We want you to have a look around your house for different materials, for example, glass, metal, wood etc.

Once you have made a list of as many different materials as you can, can you think of the ways those materials are used? For example, glass = windows (see through), drinking glasses

Wood = cupboards, desks, wardrobes

We can't wait to see your scavenger hunt lists! Don't forget to share your work with us on the 'Evidence Me' app.