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Wednesday 6th January

Wednesday 6th January


Hello, we hope you are enjoying home learning so far. It has been wonderful to see your pictures from your grown ups on evidence me. We have some more activities for you today which we hope you enjoy. Have fun!

Make sure you have something to write on before you start the video and get ready for phonics with Mrs Robinson. We're learning a new sound today!

Today's literacy activity is in your pack which you've hopefully collected from school. You need to look at the pictures and label them with the following words - hood, hill, glove, hot, mug, hat, stick. Its important you use these words as your child will be able to sound them out and know the sounds needed. Please let your child write the sounds they hear and DO NOT spell it out for them. For example, for hood they may h-u-d. Encourage them to use their sound fingers each time they need to write the next sound. Even if they ask you "what comes next?" say "use your sound fingers" and then sound it out with them. Enjoy your writing challenge!


For this activity you'll need some number cards. If you've managed to collect the pack from school you'll have some ten town number cards. Can you say each number? Now put them in order.

Using a pot of objects from your house count out the correct amount to match each number. Make sure you count slowly only saying one number each time you move an object. Don't forget to double check. 


Mrs Thornburrow has had a go at the challenge, watch the video below to see how she gets on :-)

Wider Curriculum

It's movement time and we have three challenges for you...
1. find a dice or some number cards in your home. Roll your dice or pick a number card and complete that many movements.
2. choose two movements and make a pattern by repeating them one then the other over and over.
3. pick one movement and see how many you can do in 30seconds or one minute by using a timer.

Some movement ideas that you could do are star jumps, hops, squats, pencil jumps, tucked jumps, leaps, turns, skips or throws. There are a few photos of movements below to inspire you!