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Week 1 Commencing 1st June

Monday 1st June

Make a picture, junk model or creation that is symmetrical. You can use a mirror to help you if you need to. Remember both sides must be EXACTLY the same! 

Tuesday 2nd June

Make a lovely wind chime for your garden! You can use any materials that you like. There are some instructions below should you wish to follow them. smiley

Wednesday 3rd June

Now its our final term of the school year - our topic at school is all about Summer! Lots of our learning challenges will be related to Summer. To kick start our topic we would love you to make a junk model Sandcastle!

Grab all of your junk and see if you can make a sandcastle complete with a flag on top! Design it first and then start making. Remember - COVER YOUR BOX! 

Thursday 4th June

Reading Challenge

To take part you will need to log-in to Oxford Owl (https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/) via the my class log-in on the header bar using the following details:


My class name: classrs

My class password: classrs


My class name: classrkb

My class password: classrkb

Challenge: ChatterPix book reviews

Once you've logged in navigate to the 'My bookshelf' tab and search for 'age 4-5' on the filter bar. Here you will find a large selection of ebooks. Have a browse through the selection and select one that looks interesting and matches your current reading level. Read the book and then create a ChatterPix explaining why you liked the book. Remember to include the title and your favourite part. We will share these on our home learning gallery for your friends to see and maybe they will choose to read the book too! 

Top Tip: Continue working your way through the titles on offer, remembering to record any home reading in your school reading record. 

Book review ChatterPix

Still image for this video

Friday 5th June

Today's focus is maths and we're going to look at capacity! Grab lots of different containter (pots, pans, cups etc.) and see which holds the most water. You must use one cup as your 'measuring cup' - this is the special cup that you use to fill the other containers with water. That way it is a fair test and you can count how many cups full it takes to fill the other containers. You could record your findings in a grid if you wish to and then you can compare at the end. 

Remember to use the language: full, empty and half full. Let us know which jugs, pans or cups hold the most and least water.