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Week 3 - wb 15th June

Hello everyone, 


We hope you've had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. We really enjoyed our second session of 'Zoom Bingo'. Keep your eyes peeled for another exciting email...


We are getting to work on our Year 4 video. If you haven't sent in your creation please send it to the Year 4 email address as soon as you can. 


Keep sending us you fantastic work and pictures - we love seeing them! laugh



Daily Maths Starter 

Here are your Mad Minutes for this week. There are five columns, one for each day of the week. You could time yourself to see if you can decrease your time each day. We have included the answers so you can check your answers. 



The spelling focus for this week is on apostrophes. These can be used in two ways.

1. To show that a letter has been missed (omitted) such as: 

They are = They're

2. To show that a noun belongs to a person or thing (possession).

The car belonging to the teacher. = The teacher's car

Have a look at the video below to help you with the daily tasks. We have also set you a '2do' on Purple Mash.



Please find a link below to the Year 4 Spanish conversation page with video clips, songs and some challenges!