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Week 5 - Beginning 29th June

Good morning, 2P!


What has happened to the wonderful sunshine? Every time I tried to step outside I was either blown back into my house by a huge gust of wind or I was soaked by the torrential rain!! Nevertheless, I didn't let the rain stop me having some fun at home and I enjoyed playing 'Beat the Parents' and 'Monopoly' with my boys as well as watching our favourite movie, Aladdin. Despite the horrible weather, I hope you managed to have some fun over the weekend!


As you know I was in school last week and I had Elliott in my bubble (this is just another word for a group within a classroom) and met quite a few of the children that would be joining me in September. It has been so nice seeing some of the other children and teachers in school - it really has returned some of the warmth and love that we all miss at Torrisholme


I know I said I was in school last week but please do not let that put you off emailing me - I really do miss hearing from you!


Have fun with your learning this week and whatever else you choose to do...


Much love,


Mrs Patel x