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Week beginning 6th July

Good Morning 1D ! Tomorrow our special class page will be archived so I thought I would share our final two days of home learning with you.  After tomorrow our class page will achieved but you can still view our wonderful learning gallery and home learning activities, just click on class pages, scroll to the bottom and find archived class 2019-2020 and click on 1D.  Please remember I am still available through our year1@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk email if you would like to share your wonderful home learning with me or if you just want to say hello x I am hoping I will see you all very soon on Thursday 16th July for our very special 1D zoom party X


Thursday 9th July

This is me! Today I’d like you to create mini factfiles that tell Mrs Dowker all about you or you could draw and colour a portrait of yourself and write interesting facts about yourself. You could list your likes and dislikes or you could tell Mrs Dowker all about your home and family life.  I will share your wonderful factfiles with Mrs Dowker, I know she can’t wait to meet you all! x


Friday 10th July

Get party ready! Our 1D zoom celebration party is on Thursday 16th July x Today can you tell me your top 3 party games? Share them with me by emailing me at year1@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk and see you all very soon for our special celebration party! x


Dear Class 1D,

I just want to say a big thank you.  I have loved being your teacher, you are an absolute joy to teach! Thank you for all the magical memories!  

Love Mrs Dickinson x



Wednesday 8th July

Good Morning 1D! What a beautiful day! Thank you for sharing your happy memories in Year One memories with me x


Today, instead of looking back I want you to start looking forward and thinking about your move to Year Two.  What would your dream Year Two classroom look like? What features do you think are important?  How would you organise the chairs and tables? How would you decorate the walls? Would there be any special features – maybe a vending machine for daily snacks, a hot tub for when you need a break from learning or even a class pet! Draw and label your designs and let’s see what Mrs Dowker thinks!


Share your wonderful Year Two classroom designs with me by emailing me at year1@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk x 



Tuesday 7th July

Good Morning 1D.  Today, I’d like you to look back over our year again but this time I’d like you to pick out your three favourite memories from your time in Year One. You might remember a trip, a visitor, an activity you loved taking part in or something from our daily routine that you loved taking part in. You could draw and label your memories or write them down.  


My three favourite memories in Year One by Mrs Dickinson x 


1. My very first day at Torrisholme Communty Primary School in January and getting to meet and know you all. 

2. Our starlight supper where we had lots of fun viewing the stars together and enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate.

3. Our Story Time Adventure week, you all blew me away with your amazing stories based on 'The Runaway Pancake'.  You all enjoyed innovating the story and creating your own story, writing your story blurb and painting your book cover, well done my amazing authors!


Please share your three favourite memories with me by emailing me at year1@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk x

Monday 6th July 

Good Morning my 1D superstars,

I just wanted to say a big, big thank you for my very special and surprise gift! My flowers are absolutely gorgeous, I love them!

Thank you,

Love Mrs Dickinson xxx

Monday 6th July

Good Morning 1D, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  This week is slightly different for me as later in the week I am going into school to care for the children of our key workers, but don't worry I will still be posting our daily fun challenges, it just might take me longer than usual to reply to your emails.  Please look out for our special 1D party zoom invitation for Thursday 16th July for our special Year One party x


This week is our very last week of our Year One learning.  Mrs Scholey and I have put together some fun transition challenges for you.  Today I would like you to list ten things you’ve learnt in Year One. Think back over the year and list ten things you’ve learnt whilst being in Year One. These skills could be linked to maths, literacy, phonics or our topics - they could even be linked to how you learn. 


Please share your wonderful work by emailing me at year1@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk x