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Week beginning 22nd June

Friday 26th June 

It’s Fri-Yay! Today is our ‘Under the Sea Adventure’ on zoom.  I hope to see you very soon! 

Grace Darling was awarded a silver medal for her bravery from The National Institution for the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck or Royal National Lifeboat Institution or the RNLI as it is now known. The RNLI still rescues people who are in trouble at sea and their crews and lifeguards are just normal people who volunteer to help people and will often have to risk their own lives to help others, just like Grace.


Today I would like you to watch the video on other female medal winners (follow the link below). As you watch it think carefully about what all these women have in common. 

How could you be more like Grace Darling and these other brave heroines of the sea? 

What could you do to help others even if it feels scary? 

Think of a situation or event in your own life where you could be brave or helpful just like Grace.



Thursday 25th June
Good Morning 1D, It’s another beautiful sunny day! Today is a perfect day for writing using ‘invisible ink’ using water and a paintbrush,  how many tricky words can you write before they disappear? 


What did Grace Darling do to make her famous?

Read the following account (link below) of the events of 7th September 1838 to find out more about Grace Darlings daring rescue. You could also follow the BBC link below to watch a short video all about the life and times of Grace Darling.



Write your own recount of Grace Darling’s daring rescue. Use the sequencing cards below to support this by writing one or two good sentences to match each one. Remember to start your sentences in different ways and to use joining words and power words to tell the reader more.  

Please share your wonderful recounts by emailing me at year1@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk, have fun! 

Wednesday 24th June 

Good Morning 1D! What a beautiful day!


I have sent you each a special invitation email for our 'Under the Sea' zoom adventure on Friday, please can you reply to my email to confirm your attendance so I can send you our meeting ID code.  I hope you can join me for our exciting adventure!


1D your home learning is amazing! You are making me so proud! I loved seeing and reading your fascinating facts about Grace Darling and your clever comparisons.  It was lovely to learn that Phoebe had been to visit Banburgh Beach and the Grace Darling Museum and that Emily's middle name is Grace.  Sam & Phoebe have created super science experiments 'Storm in a Glass' by Sam & 'The Dirty Water Purification Project' by Phoebe - have a look on Torrisholme TV 'Super Science with Mrs Dickinson' to watch their exciting experiments!


As you now know, Grace Darling lived in a lighthouse on a tiny island surrounded by the sea. It was an important part of her father’s job, as the lighthouse keeper, to monitor the surrounding seas and a telescope was essential for this.


Today I would like you to make and decorate your own telescope. Look carefully at these ones from the Victorian era and the time of Grace Darling and use them to inspire your finished designs.

Tuesday 23rd June

Good Morning 1D.  Please keep an eye out for your special invitation for a Zoom this week! X


I hope you all enjoyed researching the life of Grace Darling – a strong and courageous young woman who saved 9 people from a shipwreck in 1838. Today I’d like you to read the fact sheets below. These will tell you more about the early life of Grace Darling. Whilst you’re reading note down any interesting facts that you might want to remember about her everyday life.

Here are mine -

Grace Darling was born in 1815.

Grace was part of a family of 9 children.

Grace lived in a lighthouse on one of the Farne Islands.

Grace didn’t go to school, instead she was taught by her father.

The family had no running water or electricity.


Now I would like you to compare your life to Grace’s life. What is different and what is the same? Would you like to live in a lighthouse? Do you think Grace enjoyed living there?

You could also look for the Farne Islands on a map – where are they? Are they big or small? How many are there?



Monday 22nd June

Good Morning! Thank you to everyone who joined me for our Zoom Treasure Hunt on Friday, it was so much fun!


This week are going to be using our history detective skills to learn more about a significant person from the past.


Today we are going to be opening the memory box to find out more about a significant person from our past. Her name was Grace Darling but who was she and why do we remember her?




Your job today is to use your detective skills to find out more about her. The pictures below might give you some clues – what event do you think might link them all together?


Top Tip: You could use the internet to help you find out more!


Please share your wonderful home learning with me by emailing me at year1@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk.  Have fun! x