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Week beginning 8th June

Friday 12th June

Good Morning! Thank you for your wonderful observations, you all found lots in interesting things in our Magic Grandad episode and I really enjoyed reading your observations about Magic Granddad at the beach!  Thank you for answering a question from our wonderwall Lily and Sam.  Harry K and Sam have added an interesting question about Magic Grandad to our wonderwall - I wonder who could answer a question today?


Today is our seaside quiz.  Let's pack our bags and get ready for a seaside adventure! I hope to see you very soon x Please have a pen/pencil and paper ready x


Magic Grandad and his friends from the past enjoyed watching a Punch and Judy show on the beach, in yesterdays magical adventure.   Today I would like you and create your very own puppets and show!  Share your superb show with me by emailing me at year1@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk x


Happy Birthday for tomorrow Elsa! We hope you have a wonderful day x

Thursday 11th June

Good Morning my amazing little artists.  Your observation drawings were beautiful!

I have displayed your amazing artwork in our summer 2 home learning gallery.


Tomorrow is our 1D seaside quiz.  I will be hosting two fun sessions:

Group 1 at 11 am

Group 2 at 2 pm

I have sent everyone an invitation via email - please just get in touch with me if you didn't receive your invitation or if a different time would work better for you.  I hope you can all join me for our seaside themed quiz x


Today we are going to take a step back in time with Magic Grandad! Follow the link below to enjoy a magical seaside adventure – Take a paddle in the sea and learn more about beach holidays in the past.  Make a list of all the interesting things you found out.  Was there anything that surprised you?  Would you like to know more?  Do you have a question for the ‘wonder wall’?  Can you answer a question for our wonderwall?

Magic Grandad – The Beach



Please share your wonderful learning with me by emailing me at year1@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk x

Wednesday 10th June


Happy Birthday Molly! We hope you have a wonderful day xx


Good Morning 1D x Thank you for all your fascinating facts you discovered about the amazing creatures and plants that live in rock pools x


On Friday 12th June I would like to invite you all to a special seaside themed quiz! I will send an invitation email this morning, I hope you can join me! x


A shell is a wonderful habitat for many of our rock pool creatures.  Today we are going to be amazing artists and use our observational drawing skills and sketch a picture of a shell.  If you found a wonderful shell take it out and look at it very carefully using our top tips but don’t worry if you didn’t find one I have some photographs of shells that will hopefully inspire your drawings below.


Top Tips:

Look Closer - Take a closer look at what you are drawing.  Is it rough or smooth?  Is it shiny or dull?  What colours is the object made up of? What markings can you see? Try to include all of these details in your drawing

Use Your Hands - If you can, pick up the object and feel it. Be careful if it is fragile. What are the textures like? Is it rough or smooth? Is it hard or soft? Think about how you might draw these textures.

Light and Shade - Look at the shadows on what you are drawing. Where is the light source? What shadows can you see? Which are the light areas and which are the dark?

Keep Looking - Make sure you keep looking at what you are drawing and checking your drawing against it. Are the proportions correct? Have you missed anything?


Please share your amazing artwork with me by emailing me at year1@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk , have fun my amazing artists!

Tuesday 9th June

Good Morning! Thank you for all your wonderful detailed rock pool drawings and labels! I loved seeing all your wonderful learning adventures on Half Moon Bay and Heysham Sands! I had a wonderful day at school yesterday and I am looking forward to another lovely day working with Miss Moizer, she wanted me to let you know she misses you all lots and lots and she loves seeing all your wonderful learning adventures!


Mrs Green has asked me to tell you all she has sent you a special email on purple mash, login to your account (your individual log in details are inside the front page of your home school reading diary) and see what exciting challenge she has set for you!


Today I would like you to tell me all about your favourite plant or creature you found on your rock pool adventure.  Can you create a poster about your favourite plant or creature? Can you find out information about your plant or creature and find out fantastic facts all about them?

Share your amazing learning by emailing me at year1@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk x



Monday 8th June

Good Morning 1D! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend x

On Saturday Amira celebrated her 6th Birthday – have a look on our class gallery to see her wonderful birthday celebrations x


This week is slightly different for me as I am going to be on duty at school at the beginning of the week, looking after the children of our key workers, but don’t worry I will still be posting your daily challenges, it might just take me longer than usual to reply to your emails.


As you can see the format is slightly different this week but don't let that worry you too much - I will still be here each morning, posting your daily challenge. The tabs at the top of the page have just been added for those of you who fancy doing a little bit more learning each day. Hidden within each icon you will find a selection of bite-sized literacy and maths activities for you to dip in and out of during the week and don't forget there's also fun with phonics with Mrs Scholey's Big Dog's phonic page for your weekly dose of phonics!  Please remember these learning challenges and activities are completely voluntary and it is up to you how many daily challenges you complete.  I am available through our email year1@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk if you need any further advice or support or have a question about our home learning. 

Please have fun and stay safe,  Love Mrs Dickinson x


Today is World Ocean Day! We are going to celebrate the day by exploring the rock pools and identify the plants and animals living in them.

Rock pools are made from water left on the shoreline after the tide has gone out. They are habitats often full of incredible creatures including starfish, sea anemones and crabs.


What is a habitat?

The place where an animal lives is known as a habitat, and different sorts of animals live in different habitats. Habitats can be very big, like the arctic habitats where polar bears live, or very small such as between two blades of grass where a money spider might make its web. Remember, a habitat is just the place where the animal lives. Your house is your habitat! The rock pool is a habitat.  The rock pools will be a habitat for many creatures. Can you think about what we might find?


Have you ever explored a rock pool on the beach? What would you expect to find at a rock pool? Today can you can go and visit a rock pool at Half Moon Bay and draw what you can see? If you can’t visit a rock pool today you could have a look at this video on BBC all about a rock pool https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zpfnvcw  or you may enjoy taking part in the rock pool ramble live at the national marine aquarium at 9.30am, just view the webpage https://worldoceanday.school/.


Can you draw and label what you found in your rock pool? Share your amazing learning by emailing me at year1@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk x


Ps On your walk and adventures today, can you find an empty shell? You will need it later in the week for a special challenge x