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What are we getting up to?

20-10-21 PSHE - Today we have been thinking about working in a group. We were given a challenge to build a tower made of paper tubes and sellotape. We were much more successful when we all had roles, listened to each other and made sure everyone kept to the time limit!

20-10-21 Our moon images have been displayed. They look amazing!

18/10/21 Topic - Today we looked at some detailed photographs of the moon and created our own images with white chalk and paint. They look amazing!

18/10/21 - 5A Artists in action

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Look at the concentration!

12-10-21 P.E. The children were practising their bowling for accuracy over distance. Some people tried to bowl with their non-dominant hand.

11/10/2021 - Science. Today we conducted an experiment to see what happens to the length of our shadows during the day. Our findings were very interesting!

8/10/21 - Today we have been subtracting four digit numbers with one exchange

7/10/2021 - PE We are building our striking and fielding skills. 5A are trying hard to bowl with accuracy. Some children are learning to bowl with their non-dominant hand!

6/10/21 - We have been creating our very own Fantastic Beasts. Today, we sketched them and shaded them with charcoal.

1/10/21 A sailor went to CCC! We are getting more confident with the chord of C.

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30/9/21 - Roman Numerals. Today, we learnt how to represent numbers as Roman Numerals.


In 5A, we are trying really hard to show kindness to all around us. As a class, we have designed a ‘Kindness Bingo’. We are aiming to fill each square with as many names as possible. 




23/9/21 - Today we played a game to help us understand negative numbers

22/9/21 - Ukulele ‘My dog has fleas’

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21/9/21 Gymnastics

We have been investigating symmetrical and asymmetrical balances to include in our sequences.

17/9/21 - 5A have been working hard to start their sentences with a verb. Well done!

15/9/21 Topic - We made models to help us understand the movement of the Earth and Moon in our solar system

15/9/21 Maths - Today we looked at 7 digit numbers. 5A smashed it!

13/9/21 Phases of the moon…with Oreos!

13/9/21 After the fall - facing our fears. We thought about when we had to face our fears and used these thoughts to make a display.


Place value. We got to draw on the tables!

Our first day in 5A!

We had a fantastic first day  in 5A. There was a lovely buzz at the door this morning as the children arrived. We had a busy day which included Maths, an assembly with Mrs Pym, designing tray labels and reading our class novel for this week, After The Fall. 






After reading our book, we got into groups and created egg parachutes for Humpty!

After we created our parachutes, we tested them outside in the sunshine.


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