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What are we getting up to?

24/11/21 - Art Week. We have been experimenting with different brushes and strokes today!

22/11/21 - In maths, we used advent calendars to inspire an investigation. I wonder what array our advent calendar will show?!

19/11/21 PE - 5A showing us amazing skills today!

18/11/21 - Some work with tints and shades today.

17/11/21 - Today we created tin foil sculptures as a response to what we’ve been learning about the Transatlantic Slave Trade. 5A did a fantastic job.

12/11/21 Super statisticians - There is no stopping our mathematicians today!

11/11/21 Healthy Heads - Today we had Steven from the Lancaster and Heysham School Sports Network (LHSSN) to deliver a ‘Healthy Heads’ workshop. We discussed the importance of staying healthy and had lots of fun,

5/11/22 Lancaster and the Slave Trade - we have started our new topic! Today we looked at some evidence and talked about what we can learn from these images.

5/11/21 Sur le pont d’avignon

Still image for this video