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What are we getting up to?

10-2-22 Bikeability. We have LOVED our Bikeability sessions. Lots of smiling faces and successful cyclists.

2-2-22 Science - Air resistance. Today we conducted an experiment to find out which of our materials would be best for a parachute.

27-1-22 Printing making. Year 5 have been experimenting with monoprinting inspired by William Morris.

26-1-22 Science - Today we have been using Newton Meters to measure the weight and mass of different objects, we discovered a link between weight and mass!


21-1-22 In music this afternoon, we played a number of tunes on our ukuleles. After this, using the chords we had learned, we composed our own pieces of music.

13/1/22 We are improving our forehand and backhand shots!

11/1/22 We really enjoyed our first fencing session today!