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Whole School Space Pick & Mix Activities

Whole School Pick & Mix Activities

For the next two weeks, the whole school is working on the topic of 'Space'.


To try and support the very difficult process of home schooling whilst probably balancing children of different ages and/or working, we have planned the topic activities for the next two weeks as follows:


You will find a grid filled with 'Pick & Mix' activities. As you will see on the grid, these activities are linked to different areas from the wider curriculum, such as art or computing.


These activities are planned so that to some extent, they can be completed by children in any year group.


This means that if you have more than one child at Torrisholme, when their timetables refer to choosing activities from the pick & mix grid, they could could complete the same activity. This could be done individually or by working together. For example, if you decide that one afternoon you will make junk model rockets, the children could work together to make one rocket, or they could each make their own rocket. Hopefully the advantage for parents would be that you would only have to explain/resource/supervise one activity.


Once you have looked through the activities on the grid, you will find a list of numbered documents on this page which correspond to the activities numbered on the grid. To use the junk model rockets example again, if you decided that is what you would like to do, you would see on the grid it is number 6 and then find the PDF numbered 6, which when opened would give you the instructions and the things you need for the activity.


Many of the activities do need some resources from home in order to complete them, so we would advise that you look through the grid before starting next week's learning and plan which ones would be suitable for your family.


There is no pressure from school to complete these activities. Please fit in whatever fits your family and circumstances.