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Wider Curriculum

Activity 1


Choose any 4 of these tasks to try and keep active! One of the activities is throwing and catching which is a great skill for hand-eye coordination and is a skill that is required in many games. You could use a ball if you have one or a bundled up pair of socks! You could count as you throw or you could score points and if partner 1 drops it then partner 2 gets a point, then add them up as you go along. Have fun.

Activity 2


Have a go at learning and reciting the days of the week!

What day is before Wednesday?

What day was it yesterday?

What day is it tomorrow?


NOTE: There is a song below which is a youtube clip so please be present when your child is watching this due to the many adverts that often pop up.

Activity 3

If the sun isn't shining, how else could you make a shadow?

You could do a shadow drawing of any object of your choice, as long as it fits on the paper. You could even use chalk outside on the ground but the sun would need to be shining for this!

Activity 4


Golden Bear had lots of fun this week making his own bubble wand and bubbles!


You will need:

A pipe cleaner - twist this into shape creating a loop

Some beads (mainly for decoration purposes and as the wand handle)

Bubble mixture - you may have some in at home or alternatively you can make it by using

an equal mixture of washing up liquid and water- I used 4oz of fairy liquid and 4oz of water and then added 1 tbsp of sugar to the mix! (It worked quite well, you may want to investigate how to make a perfect bubble mixture)


Have fun! laugh

Activity 5


Ask an adult to draw some wavy lines, curvy lines and straight lines onto some paper and CAREFULLY practise your cutting skills!