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Wish You Were Here 2nd half term

Our World Marketplace - 15th December

Week beginning 11th December - India

Week beginning 4th December - Australia

Our trip to Manchester Airport Runway Centre, 29th November

Week beginning 20th November

This week we received a surprise photograph from Golden Bear at the Great Wall of China. We found out that the Great Wall can be seen from space and spent some time finding China on the map and learning facts about Chinese culture. We read the story of the Chinese Zodiac, sampled Chinese food and decorated our classroom with Chinese calligraphy and lanterns. Even though we've been extremely busy, we still found time to team up with our friends in 4M to share some story books!

Week beginning 13th November

This week we have been learning all about Ghana - the first stop on Golden Bear's travels. We looked at homes in Ghana, life in the capital city of Accra and learnt all about the tradition of making kente cloth.

Friday was 'Children in Need' day when everyone came to school dressed up in yellow and spots. We enjoyed buying cakes from the cake sale and finding out who the winners were in the colouring competition and cake competition. A big well done to our birthday girl Alice who was runner up in the Key Stage 1 cake competition.

Ghana and Children in Need

10.11.17 Today we had a surprise visitor!

Monday 6th November - RE day

Today we joined up with the other year 1 class and the children from Reception to spend a day learning all about Christianity. We enjoyed a visit from'Small Paul' who used balloon art to tell the life story of Jesus. With the year 1 and Reception teachers we heard the stories of 'The Lost Sheep', 'The Feeding of the 5000' and 'How Jesus Calmed the Storm'. Together the children thought about what Christians learn from these stories and then created pieces of artwork for some new displays which we put outside our classrooms for the whole school to see. 

November 2017

This term we will be taking a trip around the world! We will be learning about lots of different countries including China, India, Australia and Ghana. We will learn about famous landmarks and learn a little bit about each of their cultures through their food, art and dance. Our journey will begin in the countries of the United Kingdom with a little help from the queen and her handbag. 

Autumn Newsletter (2nd half term)