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Wk Beg 15th June 2020

Friday 19th June 2020 (19.6.20)

Hello there 1S! Well, we've reached the end of another busy week and I'm so pleased to see that so many of you are still checking in here and getting involved in our challenges. Your photos and updates are so up lifting - I love seeing you learning and having fun at home and working so hard to keep your minds and bodies active. I hope you've enjoyed this week's maths challenges - I think we've saved the best one until last. yes

Challenge: Ice Cream Parlour

As it's Friyay, Mrs Dickinson and I think you deserve a very special treat so we would like you to virtually visit our Ice Cream Parlour shop!

Choose your favourite treat from our ice cream parlour menu below and use your marvellous mathematics to calculate the total cost of your virtual treat? Can you draw which coins you would use to pay for your treat? Is it less than 20p? Would you get any change from 20p? How much?

Top Tip: For this challenge having real money might help you.  Have a look in your money box or kindly ask a grown-up if they will share some coins (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p) with you. yes

Take it further by buying ice-creams for your friends and family too!

Thursday 17th June 2020 (17.6.20)

Hello there 1S! I hope you've all had a lovely day in the sunshine. I had a super day in school, catching up with Amelia and I'm looking forward to seeing lots more of you tomorrow. smiley

As I'm now a bit busier than usual, I was wondering if any of you could help me out by sharing one of your favourite story books and sending it in for our TTV channel! Audra, Theo, Ivy, Mason, Emily, Sophie and Heidi have all already had a go so it would now be lovely to see a few more of you stepping into the limelight (although I'm more than happy to hear from you again!). Go on, give it a go - it would really help me out! wink

Challenge: Measure it!

Today we would like you to measure! When measuring lengths or heights, we can use non-standard units:

  • lolly sticks
  • straws
  • bricks
  • hand-spans

Can you find objects around you to measure? Choose non-standard units to measure the objects.  Describe the length using the units. Remember to measure with units that are the same length.


  • My book is equal to 10 cubes long.
  • My desk is equal to 5 sticks long.
  • My bed is equal to 12 hand-spans long.
  • My brother is equal to 9 hand-spans tall.
  • My ice cream lolly is 9 leg cubes long.

We can also measure using standard units. This time can you use a ruler or a measuring tape to measure using cm? Remember to carefully place your ruler or tape measure next to the object and begin on 0 cm.  What can you measure? Can you measure lots of different objects? Record the object and its length.

Wednesday 17th June 2020 (17.6.20)

Hello there 1S! As I will be in school, for the next couple of weeks, I will be posting your challenges in an evening so that they are ready for you for the next day. I'm looking forward to catching up with a few of you, during my time in school so make sure you shout 'hello' and give me a big wave if you're not in my 'bubble'!smiley I will still be keeping up with my emails so please do keep your messages coming in. Although, I will probably reply in an evening so don't worry if I haven't got back to you as quickly as usual. yes

Challenge: Ice-cream division 

Today we are going to share our ice cream cones. You could draw pictures of 20 ice cream cones or you could represent them in different ways, i.e. with simple marks or with everyday objects.


Can you share the 20 ice cream cones equally between 5 friends?

20 shared between 5 equals ____


Can you share the 20 ice cream cones equally between 2 friends?

20 shared between 2 equals ____


Can you share the 20 ice cream cones equally between 10 friends?

20 shared between 10 equals ____


Try doing the same thing with different amounts of ice-cream cones. Try to work systematically starting with 10 cones and then 11, 12, 13 etc. What do you notice? Can the ice-creams always be shared equally?

Tuesday 16th June 2020 (16.6.20)

Good morning 1S! How are you all feeling today? I hope you're ready for another maths challenge. yes A big thank you to those of you have sent in updated photos of your plants, flowers and veggies - we really are turning into a green fingered bunch! Keep them coming as it's really interesting to see how your mini allotments are coming along. 

Also, Big Dog wanted me to let you know that we've recorded a fun game of buried treasure for you to have a go out this week so make sure you take the time to tune into TTV! smiley

Sadly, I won't be able to zoom this week as I am now on duty in school for a while but don't worry we'll still have time to fit in a couple more sessions before the end of term. wink

Challenge: Measuring mass

Today we would like you to find pairs of objects to compare and work out which is the lighter of the two and which is the heavier. Hold one object in each hand and stretch your arms out to the side, so you are standing like a balance scale. Now compare the weights of the objects and decide which is heavier. 

Remember: two things can have the same mass and smaller things can sometimes be heavier than larger things. 

When comparing the mass of objects, we use these words: heavier and heaviest, lighter and lightest.

Using symbols - We can also use the symbols for more than and less than to compare the mass of objects.

> means more than

< means less than

= means equal to or the same

The mass of two objects might be equal to each other, too.

Comparing objects

Use the words heavier and lighter and the symbols to compare the objects.

Here's an example:

The pencil is lighter than the shoe.

This is the same as writing:

The pencil < the shoe.


Monday 15th June 2020 (15.6.20)

Good morning 1S! Welcome to maths week but not any old maths week...this is a seaside themed maths week. I hope you're all going to enjoy completing the challenges just as much as we enjoyed putting them together.yes 

Don't forget that hidden behind the icons at the top of the page are a selection of 'bite-sized' literacy and, for this week only, topic activities for you to dip in and out of during the week. A big thank you to Miss Devey who has put together this week's seaside 'pick and mix' activities for us - there's a brilliant mix of art, d&t and science challenges in there to keep you very busy!

Challenge: Ice cream addition.



There are ___ ice creams sundaes

There are ____ groups of ____ sundaes which is equal to ___

Mathematical talk:

How many ice cream sundaes are there in each picture? Do all of the pictures have an equal number of ice cream sundaes?

How many equal groups can you see? This is called an array.

Can you create/draw your own ice cream array?

What will you use/draw to represent your ice creams? How many ice creams in each group? *Remember: each group has to be EQUAL!

How many groups?

How many altogether? Did you count them one by one or is there a quicker way?