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Wk Beg 22nd June 2020

Thursday 25th June 2020 (25.6.20)

Hello there 1S! Gosh, what a scorcher it's been today...hot...hot...hot!cool I hope you've all managed to find ways to keep cool. I know Emily has been sitting in her paddling pool and at school we've been shading under the trees. yes

We've got one more Grace Darling challenge to complete before we close the lid, for the final time, on our memory box. The memory box has taught us so much this year, both in class and as home learners. I wonder if you can put your powers of retrieval to good use by thinking back and remembering all the significant people and events we've discovered in there?

Challenge: Be more Grace! 

Grace Darling was awarded a silver medal for her bravery from The National Institution for the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck or Royal National Lifeboat Institution or the RNLI as it is now known. The RNLI still rescues people who are in trouble at sea and their crews and lifeguards are just normal people who volunteer to help people and will often have to risk their own lives to help others, just like Grace.

Today I would like you to watch the video on other female medal winners (follow the link below). As you watch it think carefully about what all these women have in common.

How could you be more like Grace Darling and these other brave heroines of the sea?

What could you do to help others even if it feels scary?

Think of a situation or event in your own life where you could be brave or helpful just like Grace.



Thursday 25th June 2020 (25.6.20)

Hello there 1S! I hope you've all been enjoying some fun in the sun today. We had such a great time today at school creating foam with 'bubble socks' that I've decided to share the instructions here - it's the perfect activity for hot sunny day. I hope you have as much fun as we did! yes

Bubble socks

  • Gather the following - a sock, an elastic band, a tube (cardboard is fine but plastic is better!), a dish of water and a bottle of washing up liquid.
  • Place the sock over the end of the tube and secure with the elastic band.                                  
  • Dip the sock in water.         
  • Squeeze a little washing up liquid onto the wet sock.                          
  • Blow down the tube (do not suck!!) and be amazed!    

Challenge: What did Grace Darling do to make her famous?

Read the following account (link below) of the events of 7th September 1838 to find out more about Grace Darlings daring rescue. You could also follow the BBC link below to watch a short video all about the life and times of Grace Darling.



Write your own recount of Grace Darling’s daring rescue. Use the sequencing cards below to support this by writing one or two good sentences to match each one. Remember to start your sentences in different ways and to use joining words and power words to tell the reader more.

Wednesday 23rd June 2020 (23.6.20)

Hello there 1S! What a beautifully warm and sunny evening - a fabulous end to a busy day. We've all been outside enjoying our new, all weather running track at school today. Mason and Amelia managed to run 8 circuits whilst, myself and Mrs Banister ran 7. We are aiming to complete a full 10 laps by the end of the week which is equal to 1 mile. It really is a great addition to our school playing fields and will help to keep us all fit and healthy - you are all going to love it!laugh

Challenge: I spy...

As you now know, Grace Darling lived in a lighthouse on a tiny island surrounded by the sea. It was an important part of her father’s job, as the lighthouse keeper, to monitor the surrounding seas and a telescope was essential for this.

Today I would like you to make and decorate your own telescope. Look carefully at these ones from the Victorian era and the time of Grace Darling and use them to inspire your finished designs.               




Tuesday 23rd June 2020 (23.6.20)

Hello there 1S!I hope you've all enjoyed a fun-filled day. I've had a great day in school - I was joined by a little group of our 1S crew so we enjoyed catching up, playing games and having fun together. laugh

I hope you've all enjoyed lifting the lid of our memory box and finding out a little bit more about Grace Darling and her daring rescue.

Challenge: Find out more!

Today I’d like you to read the fact sheets below. These will tell you more about the early life of Grace Darling. Whilst you’re reading note down any interesting facts that you might want to remember about her everyday life.

Here are mine -

  • Grace Darling was born in 1815.
  • Grace was part of a family of 9 children.
  • Grace lived in a lighthouse on one of the Farne Islands.
  • Grace didn’t go to school, instead she was taught by her father.
  • The family had no running water or electricity.

Now I would like you to compare your life to Grace’s life. What is different and what is the same? Would you like to live in a lighthouse? Do you think Grace enjoyed living there?

You could also look for the Farne Islands on a map – where are they? Are they big or small? How many are there?

Monday 22nd June 2020 (22.6.20)

Hello there 1S! Welcome to another fabulous week of home learning. I will be busy in school again this week, looking after the children of our keyworkers but I will still be answering my emails and updating my pages so please do drop me a line! wink

I'm very excited about this week's challenges as we are, once again, going to be lifting the lid of our class memory box and using our history detective skills to learn more about a significant person from the past.

Challenge: History detectives!

Today we are going to be opening the memory box to find out more about a significant person from our past. Her name was Grace Darling but who was she and why do we remember her?


Your job today is to use your detective skills to find out more about her. The pictures below might give you some clues – what event do you think might link them all together?

Top Tip: You could use the internet to help you find out more!