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Wk Beg 29th June 2020

Friday 3rd July 2020 (3.7.20)

Good morning 1S! Hope you're all looking forward to today's scavenger hunt. yes I can't wait to see all of your happy and excited faces beaming at each other - it really does fill my green bucket up! I have asked Mrs Patel to drop in too so make sure you give her a big wave and show her what a friendly bunch you are! wink

As always, we've saved the best challenge until last - Happy Friyay Everyone!

Challenge: Pick and Mix

Thursday 2nd July 2020 (2.7.20)

Good morning 1S! I'll be sending your zoom passwords out this morning so if you haven't replied and you'd like to join in then please do so today - thanks!

I really enjoyed reading the riddles some of you sent in yesterday -they were fantastic. It's great to see you being inspired by this week's 'under the sea' challenges.

Challenge: Fact files! 

After our wonderful deep sea dive adventure can you create an information fact file about your favourite sea creature?

Can you find out information about your chosen animal and add fantastic facts about your favourite sea life creature?

What do they eat?

Is your creature a mammal, fish, bird or a reptile? How have they adapted to suit life underwater?

Wednesday 1st July 2020 (1.7.20)

Good morning 1S! It's the first day of July - where did the time go?! I will be sending out our zoom ID and passwords tomorrow so if you want to join in the fun then don't forget that you MUST email me, otherwise you will not be able to join. I hope you're all enjoying this week's under the sea adventures. If you're interested The National Marine Aquarium will be streaming an immersive underwater experience today, which allows you to explore some of the best bits of their aquarium. Follow the link below at 1.30pm and see which under water sea creatures you can spot!


Challenge: Ocean riddles.

Can you solve my ocean animal riddles? What under the sea creature am I?

Choose your favourite ocean animals and let’s make a game! On one side write the name of a sea creature (or draw a picture of it). Then on the other side write a riddle about the sea creature. For example, I have a hard covering all over my body and my legs. I have feelers. I have sharp claws. What am I?  

How many wonderful riddles can you create?

Tuesday 30th June 2020 (30.6.20)

Good morning 1S! By now you should have all received an email inviting you to one of our class scavenger hunts on Friday. Please remember that in order to receive our top secret meeting ID and password you must reply asap. Also, please let me know if you haven't received an invitation - thanks! I can't wait to see all your smiley faces again - it's going to be a lot of fun!

Challenge: Let's dive into the deep blue sea! 

Oceans are teeming with both plant and animal life.  Let’s imagine we are going to go deep-sea diving to see which animals we can see in the ocean. Have a look at all the wonderful creatures we found in the ocean during our deep sea dive…

What do all these animals have in common?

What things are the same about them? What things are different?

Can you sort the sea animals into these groups?

Monday 29th June 2020 (29.6.20)

Good morning 1S! I've passed the childcare baton to Mrs Dickinson so I'm back in my wardrobe office getting prepared for another fun week of home learning activities. The weather may have taken a turn for the worse but we'll try not to let that dampen our spirits as we embark on our penultimate week of home learning. Keep an eye on your email as I'll be inviting you all to join me for a zoom scavenger hunt, I'll be updating our story channel, there are new challenges under the maths and literacy tabs and Big Dog has another fun phonics activity planned so there's plenty going on to keep us all busy indoors.

Challenge: Cosmic Yoga. 

Today is Under the Sea Day! This week we are going on an under the sea adventure so get your diving suits on ready and let’s dive into the ocean! 

Today I would like you to take part in a cosmic yoga session (copy and paste the link below into your browser) by joining Jamie and Cosmic Kids Yoga on an adventure under the sea with Popcorn the dolphin!


Cosmic yoga is a wonderful online yoga class which support mindfulness and relaxation for children, with interactive adventures which build strength, balance and confidence. 

Please share a picture of you taking part in our fun yoga class and let me know which was your favourite part and why?

Extra challenge: Can you read the name of the 5 oceans on our world map?