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Wk Beg 8th June 2020

Friday 12th June 2020 (12.6.20)

Good morning 1S! I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's zoom quiz as much as I did! laugh We did encounter a few 'gremlins' in the first session but it didn't stop us having fun and I'd like to thank you all for your patience - technology can be very frustrating at times!

Luckily, the second session went without a hitch so I think we'll do it again next week, with a different theme - keep an eye out for your invite. wink

I hope you're all ready for today's challenge - it's perfect for a rainy day!

Challenge: Punch & Judy

Yesterday, Magic Grandad and his friends from the past enjoyed watching a Punch and Judy show on the beach. Today we’d like you to create your very own puppets and show! You should all be brilliant at this as we've had lots of fun with puppets, in class, in the past. Do you remember making Peter Rabbit split pin puppets and those fantastic shadow puppets? I've added a link for some Punch and Judy style puppets - you could print them out or just use them to inspire your own designs. 

Thursday 11th June 2020 (11.6.20)

Good morning 1S! Who's ready for a seaside quiz? I'm super excited - fingers crossed everything will run smoothly and there won't be any 'gremlins' in the system. If things don't quite work out how I intended then we'll just try again another day so don't worry!

Can I just remind you all to log in to your purple mash accounts (details in the front of your reading diaries) to check out Mrs Green's challenge - she's waiting to hear from you!

Challenge: Magic Grandad

It's time to step back in time again with Magic Grandad! Follow the link below to enjoy another magical seaside adventure – take a paddle in the sea and learn more about beach holidays in the past. Make a list of all the interesting things you found out. Was there anything that surprised you? Would you like to know more? Don't forget, if you have a question we can add it to our ‘wonder wall’?

Wednesday 10th June 2020 (10.6.20)

Good morning 1S! What a busy day of home learning you enjoyed yesterday. I was inundated with photos and videos of your amazing rock pool investigations. I'm so glad so many of you are getting involved with our seaside challenges - it makes me feel very happy!smiley

Yesterday, you should all have received an invitation to my seaside quiz. Just to confirm the details - I will be hosting 2 sessions as follows:

Group 1 (surname A-H) @ 11am

Group 2 (surname J-W) @ 2pm

If you didn't receive an invitation then just drop me an email and don't worry if you can't join me this week as, if all goes well, I plan to zoom more regularly between now and the end of the year!

Challenge: Sketch a shell 

 A shell is a wonderful habitat for many of our rock pool creatures. Today we are going to be amazing artists and use our observational drawing skills to sketch a picture of a shell. If you have a wonderful shell take it out and look at it very carefully using our top tips but don’t worry if you don’t I have added some photographs of shells that will hopefully inspire your drawings.

Top Tips:

Look Closer - Take a closer look at what you are drawing. Is it rough or smooth? Is it shiny or dull?  What colours is the object made up of? What markings can you see? Try to include all of these details in your drawing

Use Your Hands - If you can, pick up the shell and feel it. Be careful if it is fragile. What are the textures like? Is it rough or smooth? Is it hard or soft? Think about how you might draw these textures.

Light and Shade - Look at the shadows on what you are drawing. Where is the light source? What shadows can you see? Which are the light areas and which are the dark?

 Keep Looking - Make sure you keep looking at what you are drawing and checking your drawing against it. Are the proportions correct? Have you missed anything?          

Tuesday 9th June 2020 (9.6.20)

Good morning 1S! It was lovely to see some of you enjoying a rock pool adventure, yesterday. I hope more of you manage to find the time to pay one a visit over the coming few weeks. They really are amazing places to explore and investigate. Ivy was extremely lucky yesterday because she didn't just spot a rock pool she spotted a seal at Half Moon Bay...WOW! I've shared her video in the gallery, if you would like to take a look.

Important notice...

Mrs Green has asked me to tell you all she has sent you a special email on purple mash so make sure you login to your account (your individual log in details are inside the front page of your home school reading diary) and see what exciting challenge she has set for you!yes

Also, I will be sending you all an email this week inviting you to join me on Zoom, where I will be hosting a seaside themed quiz. I'm sure it'll be lots of fun so make sure you're dressed for the beach and don't forget your sun cream!

Challenge: Rock pool facts.

Today I would like you to tell me all about your favourite rock pool plant or creature. Don't worry if you haven't had chance to visit a rock pool yet, you could just watch the video links I posted yesterday. Create a poster or fact file about your favourite plant or creature. Find out as much information as you can about your plant or creature and share some interesting facts.

* PS. You will need an empty shell, later in the week, for a special challenge! Try to keep your eye out for a really interesting one. yes

Monday 8th June 2020 (8.6.20)

Good morning 1S! It's lovely to see you all again, here, on our brand new home learning page. smiley As you can see the format is slightly different but don't let that worry you too much - I will still be here each morning, posting your daily challenge. The tabs at the top of the page have just been added for those of you who fancy doing a little bit more learning each day. Hidden within each icon you will find a selection of bite-sized literacy and maths activities for you to dip in and out of during the week and don't forget there's also 'Big Dog's' page for your weekly dose of phonics! You can do as much or as little as you want - it's totally up to you! Why not have a little look and see what you think and should you need any advice or support then please do not hesitate to contact me via our year group email - year1@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk. smiley

Challenge: Explore a rock pool.

Today is World Ocean Day! We are going to celebrate the day by exploring the rock pools and identify the plants and animals living in them.

Rock pools are made from water left on the shoreline after the tide has gone out. They are habitats often full of incredible creatures including starfish, sea anemones and crabs.

What is a habitat?

The place where an animal lives is known as a habitat, and different sorts of animals live in different habitats. Habitats can be very big, like the arctic habitats where polar bears live, or very small such as between two blades of grass where a money spider might make its web. Remember, a habitat is just the place where the animal lives. Your house is your habitat! The rock pool is a habitat. The rock pools will be a habitat for many creatures.

Have you ever explored a rock pool on the beach? What would you expect to find at a rock pool? Did you know there are lots of brilliant rock pools to explore at Half Moon Bay in Heysham. You could go and visit them today or later in the week but make sure you check the tide times first or they might not be accessible! If you can’t visit a rock pool today you could follow the link below to watch a video on BBC Bitesize, which tells you lots of interesting things about them or you might enjoy taking part in the 'rock pool ramble live' at the National Marine Aquarium. Again you'll find the link below! yes