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Can you find the meaning of today's word and use it in a sentence of your own? What other words can you discover that have similar meanings? Use either a dictionary and thesaurus or Wordhippo to look up your definitions and synonyms.

Email us your sentences if you wish!


Previous words:

fiddly        scuffle         savagely         grubby         promptly         imitation           wary          grudge         baffled           rave            dismay        stray          envious         scuffled         smudge            scoff           chortle           unwilling(-ness/-ly)       prised          torment              intimidate


Noah: With my razor sharp claws, I prised my cousin's favourite brown, fluffy toy off him and he prised my shiny new water bottle off me.

When the sun was shining, Mrs Hunter had to be prised away from her swinging chair to do some work!

While chatting on FaceTime, Razzmatazz and I enjoyed a heart-warming chortle which really made my cheeks and tummy ache.

Exactly how much chocolate have we scoffed this weekend, I wonder?

After pulling out all the weeds in her garden, Mrs Hunter's knees were incredibly grubby!

It was 3 o'clock in the morning when Mrs Hunter awoke to hear the scuffle of Mr Hunter's feet, heading towards the Easter egg cupboard!!!

To Mrs Hunter's dismay, no matter how hard she tried, the hula hoop just would not stay on        her hips!  Lovely complex sentence, Pizzazz, love Razzmatazz! Thank you Razzmatazz x 😂

While she rustled up a delicious Thai green curry for dinner, Mrs Taylor enjoyed a Saturday 

night kitchen rave to BBC Radio 1's Dance Anthems. Since creating her very own Spotify lockdown playlist, Pizzazz has done nothing but play it repeatedly and rave about it online.