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Can you find the meaning of today's word and use it in a sentence of your own? What other words can you discover that have similar meanings? Use either a dictionary and thesaurus or Wordhippo to look up your definitions and synonyms.

Email us your sentences if you wish!



Previous words:

fiddly       wary       grudge        baffled         savagely       promptly    stray     torment        envious         scuttled           imitation           intimidate



As she folded up the large striped picnic blanket after celebrating VE Day in the front garden, Mrs Taylor noticed a smudge of something red and sticky. Was it jam or squished? Either way, it came from a strawberry. 


unwilling (-ness/-ly)        prised

Unwilling to let go, Lucy's slender fingers had to be prised off the life-sized bar of creamy milk chocolate she had been given for her birthday in quarantine.   



While chatting on FaceTime, Pizzazz and I enjoyed a heart-warming chortle which really made my cheeks and tummy ache.



The dog looked grubby after it had been digging in the mud. Oh no, Erin, not a soggy doggy but a filthy one! 



My brother and I scuffled over the swing in the garden. Sounds like familiar brotherly bickering, Max! Good word use... and for the sake of household sanity, please take turns!! 



While she rustled up a delicious Thai green curry for dinner, Mrs Taylor enjoyed a Saturday 

night kitchen rave to BBC Radio 1's Dance Anthems. Since hearing Juliet & Romeo by Martin 

Solveig, Razzmatazz has done nothing but play it repeatedly and rave about it online.



Erin was overwhelmed with DISMAY when she thought I was going to tell you that she had been watching television all day!😂  Haha thank you Erin I. for your sentence! I don't believe you!



Over the Easter weekend, we had a sweet trail in the garden. I had a good scoff of my sweets. A terrific example of how to use the word scoff in a sentence, Max! Well done!