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WOW Home learning

Louis' super filmmaking!

Still image for this video
Louis has been working on a project with the audio of a song called memories and animation apps for the animation

Well done to  Zach, Lily M, Elswyth, Rebecca-Rose and Charlie who have gained a bronze certificate. 


Sophia has successfully gained 2 bronze certificates.


Ruby, Liliana and Jackson have done an amazing job and have gained 3 bronze certificates.


Ben and Joshua M are on bronze certificate number 4! Yeah!


Thomas has managed to get his silver certificate! WOW!


Super work guys! smileyyes

Balancing robot fun!

Lily's amazing stage makeup

Super sentence work


Here are Ben's facts about St George smiley


  1. He was born in Cappadocia which is part of Turkey.
  2. He lived in the 3rd century AD.
  3. His parents were Christian and so was he. 
  4. He moved to Palestine.
  5. After he moved he became a roman soldier.
  6. He died in AD 303.
  7. Even though he is our patron saint he never came to England!!
  8. He offered to slay the dragon and then he beheaded it!!
  9. He was a saint for 1000 years before he was celebrated on April 23rd.
  10. Venice, Genoa, Portugal, Ethopia and Catalonia all celebrated him as their patron saint.

Thomas' expanded noun phrase practise




Emilia's fantastic Spanish and sewing!

Easter Quiz


Ben and Thomas have both completed the Easter Quiz and got VERY high marks...well done boys! yes


Here is Ben's drawing for question 7 


Emilia's super home learning