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Year 1 Spanish

La Playa

This half term we have read a book in Spanish about the beach. We learned some words for beach toys and did some fantastic sentence writing in Spanish!

Spring Term

Our topic in Spanish is counting to 10 this half term.

We celebrated new year by eating 12 grapes(doce uvas) and counting them in Spanish.

We will be learning a counting song in Spanish and playing some number games.

Los Juguetes (Toys)

We are learning the names of some toys that our puppets Carlos and María would like for Christmas. This week we enjoyed reading a book about toys and presents in Spanish.

regalos- presents



Los fuegos artificiales. Fireworks

Last week we had fun pretending to be zooming fireworks.

We sang a fireworks song.

We practised the colour words.








We zoomed left ( izquierda) , right ( derecha),

up ( arriba) and down ( abajo).

¡Tan,tan! Knock knock!

Still image for this video
We can say this rhyme!

Soy Yo- It's me!

We are practising what we learned in reception for the first few weeks.

Can you say your name?


Me llamo...........


Can you ask someone else their name?


¿Cómo te llamas? -What is your name?


Can you say how you are feeling?


muy bien- very well

bien - fine

regular- ok

mal- not well

fatal - awful!


Can you ask how someone is feeling?


¿Cómo estás? - How are you?


We will be learning a new rhyme called Tan, Tan by José Luis Orozco.

Tan ,tan.                                                       Knock, knock.

¿Quién es?                                                   Who's there?

Soy yo.                                                         It's me.

Voy a abrir.                                                  Come in ( I am going to open the door).

Hola, amiguito(a).                                         Hello, my friend.

¿Cómo estás?                                               How are you?

We are also playing some action games.

We will be learning some colours and a fireworks song in October.