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Year 2 Spanish

Juan y las Judías Mágicas

We have been learning some key words for the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.First we learned actions for the words and listened to them, then we practised pronouncing the words . Finally we read the words and played a pairs game. Last week we made some simple sentences. Now we  can listen and join in with the whole story!

Juan- Jack

su madre- his mum

las judías mágicas- the magic beans

el tallo- the beanstalk

el castillo- the castle

el ogro- the ogre

la gallina- the hen

la bolsa grande llena de oro- the big bag full of gold

el arpa- the harp






We have been reading, writing and saying what the weather is like.

We can read , listen and say what the weather is like!

Our new topic in Spanish is the Weather.

Listen to our song.

Year 2L sing ¿Qué tiempo hace?

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Pets Carousel

For the next few weeks we will be practising our listening, speaking, reading and writing with some activities about pets in Spanish. We will play matching pair pass the pet, we will label pets and write a sentence about our pets. We will have fun playing games on the computer to practise our listening and reading skills. See the links below to play the games at home.

We are very lucky to have a new parent helper who is from Spain to help us with our work!

¡Gracias,Señora Sornosa!

We can label our pets with post-its . We enjoyed playing matching pairs.We practised our Spanish with Señora Sornosa.

Autumn Term

We have been learning the names of some pets in Spanish. We can ask and reply to the question 'Have you got any pets?'

¿Tienes alguna mascota?Have you got any pets?

Sí, tengo .....Yes, I have....

No ,no tengo ninguna mascota.No, I don’t have any pets.

We can say what pets we have got at home!

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What pets does she have?
Tres peces, un gato y dos conejos.

What pets do they have?

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Do they have any pets?

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Do they have any pets?

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Do you have any pets?

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¿Tienes alguna mascota?

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