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Year 3 Spanish

Listen to our conversation in Spanish!

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Listen to our conversation

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We can say when our birthdays are in Spanish .

¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?

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Penfriend link in Miami.

We are very excited to start writing to our new penfriends in Miami, Florida! They are also learning Spanish at school and a lot of them come from Hispanic Spanish speaking families.The school is called Mater Academy Elementary School.


This half term we are learning to say how old we are in Spanish.


¿Cuántos años tienes?

How old are you?

Tengo ocho años.

I'm 8 years old.

¿Y tú?

And you?

¿Cuántos años tienes?

La Oruga Muy Hambrienta

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This half term we will be reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish. We will learn the days of the week and some fruits in Spanish.We will practise our spelling and writing in Spanish.( Do you remember the a,e,i,o,u song we learned in Year 2?) We will also be discovering that there are two groups of nouns in Spanish.  

Next half term we will be writing our own versions of the story.

Pica-Pica - El baile de la fruta (Videoclip Oficial)

Can you spot the words for peach, apple,pear,pineapple and banana?

El Mundo Preescolar - La Oruga muy Hambrienta - Edmundo Castro

Edmundo Castro reads the hungry caterpillar in Spanish. He has a Latin American accent so the c sounds like an s in ciruela and the z sounds like an s in manzana.(In class we have learned to pronounce these "th").