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Year 6 Spanish

Torrisholme Tapas

Yesterday we had a Spanish tapas bar in the hall. Everyone had a chance to be a customer

(cliente) and a waiter (camarero/a) or a kitchen hand ( mozo de cocina).


¡Qué aproveche! Enjoy your meal!

Torrisholme Tapas Year 6T

Torrisholme Tapas Year 6J

Spanish Cafe


This half term we are learning how to order some snacks in a cafe.

Look at our videos below.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Mayan history week

We read some facts in Spanish and made a timeline about the Maya people from the arrival of the Spanish in 1517 ( mil quinientos diecisiete) up until the present day.We practised saying the years in Spanish.We tried to read the facts using cognates and an online Spanish dictionary.

( wordreference.com)

Saying how we feel

In Year 6 we have been learning some new phrases to say how we feel.

All the phrases use the verb tener- to have.

However, in these phrases tengo means I am in English. 


Tengo hambre- I am hungry

Tengo sed- I am thirsty

Tengo calor- I am hot

Tengo frío – I am cold

Tengo sueño_ I am tired

Tengo suerte- I am lucky


We have conjugated the verb tener, so now we can say that we are all hungry! Tenemos hambre….

Tener- To have


Yo                                   Tengo                    I have
Tú                                   T
ienes                   You have
Él/ella /
Usted                   Tiene                   He/she has /You(VIP)have


Nosotros                         Tenemos                We have
Tenéis                   You (lot) have
Ustedes        Tienen                   They have/You (VIPs) (plural) have   


Verb Flowers in our Spanish Verb Garden

We have been making beautiful verb flowers to help us conjugate  regular -ar verbs in Spanish.Watch this space for some photos of our flowers. We will be adding more verbs soon!

Look at our Spanish Verb garden! We made - ar , - ir and - er verb flowers.

Spanish verb conjugation and subject pronouns

We love this song!

Have a look at our Subject Pronouns Photo Shoot!

Autumn Term 1

This year we will be using more Spanish in the classroom.

¿Cómo se dice…….en español?

¿Cómo se dice…….en inglés?


We have started to look at the grammar of VERBS in Spanish.

We looked at English subject pronouns ( WHO is doing the verb).

Then we learned the Spanish subject pronouns.

Did you know there are 5 ways to say you in Spanish?

Look at our pronoun photo shoot!

Spanish song to learn Personal pronouns, basic grammar - Learn Spanish for kids

Tío Spanish teaches basic spanish grammar for kids and beginners.

Personal pronouns in Spanish + a song!

Señor Jordan teaches Latin American Spanish, but he talks about Spanish from Spain too. Try the quiz!