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Friday 26th February


Check out the website below to practise sound talking and blending. The website is full of fun comics that can be read by your child. Click on the buttons that show the sounds we have already learnt.

Cut out the puppet characters from the sheet and attach them together to make finger puppets. Now use your characters to make up your own story. Using the phrases ‘Once Upon a Time...’ ‘Suddenly...’ and ‘The End’ will help your child structure a very simply story line. Check out Miss Shepherd's examples in the video below.

Storytelling with Puppets

Watch the video below all about writing the teen numbers correctly. You will need the sheets from your pack to join in. We will practise writing numbers 11-20 multiple times. Write these numbers in the different shapes, cut them out and order the different sets to give you lots of practise!

Writing Numbers 11-20

Wider Curriculum
Which activities have you not done yet? Pick your favourite from the pick and mix activity pack to complete with your child.