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Autumn 1

Star of the week

Well done to Josh who is this week’s winner! Josh has produced some beautiful writing and has been working his socks off in maths. He has been ready to learn every single second of the day and has been a superstar in the classroom. Well done, Josh!

16th September

To introduce rounding to the children, we took our learning outside and completed an orienteering course. We had to complete a range of rounding questions, which included rounding to the nearest million! 

15th September 

We have had a productive day today on this beautiful, sunny Wednesday. In maths, we ordered and compared numbers to 10,000,000, demonstrating our brilliant place value knowledge. We really enjoyed writing out our work on the tables! 
In Geography, we took our learning outside and drew important lines of latitude in chalk on the playground. We then came back inside and had a lot of fun trying to blow up balloons, which we used as makeshift globes. We then applied what we knew about lines of latitude and longitude by finding grid references of cities in South America in our atlas. 

10th September 2021

Well done to our Star of the Week, Thomas. Thomas has consistently gone over and above this week and been incredibly hard-working every single day. You are a shining role model to your peers and a joy to have in the classroom. Thank you, Thomas!

10th September 

We used counters today to represent numbers over 10,000,000. 

10th September 2021

The children completed their beautiful art work this week. The results are stunning. We used pastels for the eyes and nose, and a mixture of our friends backgrounds to create our collage. 

6th September 2021

In the Dance element of P.E. this term, we are focussing on dances from South America. We had fun trying out some moves from the Brazilian dance of Capoeira.

2nd September 2021

We began creating some amazing art work this week. We started by getting creative and scribbling lots of different colours on paper to make lots of lovely, unique patterns. 
Then, we were very surprised when Miss Graham told us to start ripping up our work into strips! We can’t wait to show off our finished piece next week. 

We have settled in really well to year 6 life so far, and by the end of Friday afternoon, everybody in the class had been put on the recognition board for fantastic listening!