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Friday 22.01.21

Morning Phonics


Can you put the capital letters in the correct places? Play Zed’s Capital Letter game and find out - https://www.roythezebra.com/reading-games/capital-letter-1.html
Bob is working hard on the moon. Can you write a postcard to his friend Dave who lives back at home telling him about his day at work and how he entertained and looked after the tourists?


Today we are going to look at 3D shapes. Watch the BBC bitesize clip using the link below.



We would like you to go on a shape hunt in your house! Can you find the following shapes: spheres, cones, cylinders, cubes and cuboids? You could even write your own labels. Take a picture of your items and send it us using the ‘Evidence me’ app. Happy shape hunting Year 1!


Log into your Collins eBook library and choose a special book.  Please write the title of the story you read in your yellow diary and send a video of you reading it!


Choose an exciting activity from our space adventure activity pack!

CBeebies Space Week

Today on the cbeebies channel is an episode of 'Maddie, Space and You'.

Today's episode is all about Astronaut Training!

Join Maddie at 16:50 on the cbeebies channel. Enjoy!