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Thursday 21.01.21


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Can you spot the a_e images shown in the picture and write the words in the box?

Who is Bob?

Write some sentences to tell us what Bob is like. What does Bob look like? What does Bob have to do for his job? Does Bob enjoy his job? 

Don't forget to use capital letters and full stops.


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Let’s Make Number bonds to 10!


Can you watch this video?




Can you write

The number bonds to make 10? For example 5+5=10


Today we are going to look at fractions. Watch the video to help first using the link below.



Can you complete the halves and quarters cut and stick activity from your paper pack. Have a look at each shape to see how much of the shape is shaded, then stick it onto the correct side of the sheet (halves or quarters) 



Challenge: Can you show me halves/quarters using objects in your house e.g. half of an apple, a quarter of a cracker etc. Don’t forget to send us your pictures.


A shape cut into quarters (4 equal parts) with 2 pieces shaded is the same as having a half shaded!

Handwriting fun! Let’s trace the sentence, write the sentence using the handwriting letter lines and write the sentence on our own using our best handwriting!


Choose an exciting activity from our space adventure activity pack!

CBeebies Space Week

Today on the cbeebies channel is an episode of 'Maddie, Space and You'.

Today's episode is all about Space Robots!

Join Maddie at 16:50 on the cbeebies channel. Enjoy!