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Thursday 28.01.21

Phase 5 phonics our new split digraph is….


Can you join Miss Devey to learn your new phase 5 sounds o_e?



a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Practise the alphabet song with one of our own lovely class members....

Still image for this video

Can you write the next page of the story for Simon Bartram?

Bob flies back to the moon the next day for work but this time, Bob meets an alien! What happens? 


CHALLENGE: Can you use ‘and’ to join two ideas in your sentences?


Today Year 1 you are going to take part in an experiment with 3D shapes. Using the sheet from your paper pack (pictured below) we want you to explore which shapes roll. What was the same about the shapes that did/didn’t roll down the ramp? Can you tell us what you have found out? You could do this by writing a report, videoing your evidence or drawing a picture of your experiment.

Reading - Log into your Collins eBook library and choose a special book or choose a book from your reading pack .  Please write the title of the story you read in your yellow diary and send a video of you reading it!
Topic - Choose an exciting activity from our space adventure activity pack!

Here Are Our Zoom Preparation Activities.....

Can you make a hat and/or a telescope ready for our Full Moon Festival?

Make Your Own Telescope

Make Your Own Space Hat

Why not take part in a Space dance exercise class to help you think of some ideas for your own space dance?

Just Dance Kids 2 - Jump Up In Space

Below is another song we will play on the zoom together. We will play 'Jump Up' first to get warmed up together and we will then play the song below for you to show off your own space dance moves for 'Our Dance Performance'.


The lyrics in the second song are repetitive so why not have a think about repeating movements? How might you move your body so you look like your climbing into your rocket? Putting on your space suit? Zooming in to space?