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Today we'd like to you to continue to focus on telling the time to five minutes past the hour.  


Watch the video below for a reminder on the 5 minute intervals on the clock. 


PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: This is accessed through You Tube. Do ensure that your settings are in place to avoid inappropriate ‘pop ups.’ 

Genevieve Goings- "How Many Fives Around The Clock?" Official Video

DO YOU KNOW how to tell time? Learn with Genevieve Goings, Children's television Star! -As heard on Radio Disney Junior! Known to Disney Junior-watching fans...

As the video said yesterday, once the minute hand goes past half past we start to count minutes to the hour...for example...

Today we would like you to draw given times on a clock face. Us e a ruler if you have one at home. There are different levels of challenge. Remember to complete your Mad Minutes too.