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Class teacher: Miss Stalker

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Tuer/Miss Crozier

Our PPA is on a Wednesday afternoon and this will be covered by Mrs Green and Mrs Hunter.

Wow! It is the second half of the Spring term already! I hope you all had a lovely holiday and are ready for another exciting and important half term. 


We are continuing with our Superheroes topic this half-term.  The term will begin with a Science Week where we are going to be carrying out lots of amazing experiments to get you all enthused about the wonders of Science and how fascinating it really is! 


I am so impressed at how hard you are all working and I am confident you are all going to continue to make me proud for the rest of the year! 


This is an extremely important term for us as we prepare for the end of Key Stage assessments. 


Our topic this half term continues to be 'Superheroes'. We had an exciting start to this topic when the children came to school to find they had to use their 'superhero' skills to navigate themselves through the laser maze which had appeared in our classroom.  They all achieved their first superhero mission which prepared them for the rest of the term.


During this topic, we will be comparing real-life heroes with superheroes. We will research the characteristics of well-known superheroes and use this to design our own superhero. We will manipulate plastercine to create a model of our superhero which meets a specific design criteria and then use this to create a superhero movie - lots of fun to be had!  




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Year 6 Newsletter Summer 2

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Year 6 Newsletter Autumn 2

Our Last day at Torrisholme

Creating superhero theme music

Look at our erupting volcanoes! We tested whether all liquids reacted the same when combined with bicarbonate of soda.

Today we enjoyed making crazy bubbles!

We found  out that 2D shapes didn't work well as they only made spheres. 

Next we made cubes which created some awesome shapes.

Testing our wands
Making cubes
Good teamwork
Crazy shapes

Storm in a jar!

Today, we carried out an investigation to decide which biscuit is the best for dunking!

We had a great time with Boffin Joel to kick start our Science Week!

Take a look at our plasticine superhero models which we are using to make our very own superhero movie!

We had to be superheroes to gain access to our classroom!!

Sewing the Titanic

Sharing poems with our reading buddies in Class 2S

Poetry week catwalk. The children dressed up as a character from their favourite poem or nursery rhyme; they all looked fantastic.

Rehearsing for the 'poetry slam' performance. The children are preparing to perform a verse from the Highwayman by Alfred Noyes

Paint blowing to create our Highwayman landscapes. We loved using this painting technique.

We have been learning about the Highwayman poem as part of Poetry Week and we are using the language used in the poem to create the setting.

Our Banyan tree calendars

Our Titanic home projects.

We have been sent a very important wrapping challenge all the way from the North Pole. This challenge isn't as easy as it sounds as there are very strict wrapping rules: the paper is not allowed to overlap, only one piece of wrapping paper can be used, the wrapping paper can not be cut into more than one piece. The children worked with their partner to find a solution and decided that they needed to create a net which would make the 3D shape of the present. To do this accurately, they had to measure the length and width of each side and measure the angles.

What a brilliant time we had sharing our Titanic exhibits with our parents. It was very interesting and we loved it!

Titanic Exhibition. We are ready to teach our parents about our Topic.

We have our first finished Titanic cross-stitch 😀

Diary entries of the night the Titanic sank! !

Preparations for the Titanic exhibition are in full swing!!

Would you book a cruise on the R.M.S Titanic after reading our persuasive leaflets?

We have created 2D shape buddies with specific dimensions and angles. We used our understanding of the three different types of triangles, a ruler and a protractor accurately to meet the 2D Buddies challenges. Can you identify the type of triangles we have created?

Percentage Trail. We had a great time practising our percentage work this morning. We worked as a team to calculate percentages of different amounts to gain points. The harder the question, the more points we gained for our team. We love Maths in Class 6S 😁😁

The Christmas fair preparations have begun. Not long to go now until you can own one of our wonderful tree decorations!

Percentage treasure hunt

The class 6S star speller award goes to Jack Johnson. Well done for achieving your bronze, silver and gold spelling badges in the first half-term of Year 6. What an amazing achievement!

Class 6S boarded the R.M.S Titanic today ready for the launch of their 'The Tip of the Iceberg' topic.

Reading buddies 😁

Reading buddies 😁

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Visiting the Methodist church and the church of the ascension in Torrisholme to learn about Jesus' journey and relate this to their own life journey. These were very informative sessions which gave the children lots to think about.

Learning about Paul's journey. Another great session with Jonny.

Answering questions about life as a journey with Steve Hewitt. What a wonderful session this was! The children not only learned about the journey of a Christian but they also learned some extremely valuable lessons which they can use throughout their own journey through life: treat everyone equally, turn to the people you trust to help you through difficult times and don't take life for granted- it is a precious gift.

Children's watercolour representations of the Heath described in Macbeth.

As part of our mini topic, Macbeth, we have used drama to show the relationship between Banquo and Macbeth. We enacted the battle scene at the start of the play. We we have also been predicting whether we think the witches' prophecy will come true and Macbeth will be become King by him acting on the seed of ambition which has been planted into his mind. 

The battle scene from Macbeth

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The battle scene from Macbeth

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The battle scene from Macbeth

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Before rehearsing the battle scene from Macbeth, we practised freeze framing gestures to represent relationships between characters. Can you guess from our body language, facial expressions and gestures what is happening in each scene?

Our Year 6 governor's (Mrs Brady) mother and Marion (Daisy's grandma) sharing their experiences as an evacuee during World War Two

Mrs Fawcett sharing her knowledge of World War Two with extremely imformative books and artefacts.

PERISCOPES-we enjoyed making periscopes to read Morse code messages.

What an amazing time we have all had at The Imperial War Museum. The children loved all the interactive resources, artefacts and film clips which helped develop their knowledge and understanding of WW2.

We've had great fun poi spinning in P.E! Have a look our routines...


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WW 2 shadow puppets! Today we made WW2 themed shadow puppets and noticed that a shadow formed when our puppet blocked out the light. The shadow took the form of the object.

Mrs Price's Spelling Challenge