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Numicon activities

Print off the numicon pieces and cut them out. There are LOTS of games you can play with these:

*Missing piece - Order the numicon 1-10. Adult remove one piece and ask child which piece is missing? 

*Swaps - Order the numicon 1-10. Adult to swap two pieces around and ask child to identify which two pieces have been swapped around. 

*Make a picture with the numicon pieces. 

*Addition - Choose one numicon piece (i.e. 7) and find as many different ways to make this number using the other numicon pieces. (3 and 4 pieces together make 7). Try this for lots of different numbers. 

*Match number cards to the numicon pieces.

*Match quantities of objects to represent the numicon pieces. 


Challenge - Print off two sets of numicon and make numbers 11-20 as well. 

Numicon addition

Use the printable numicon from activity 1 and complete the numicon addition sheet. You can choose to do numicon addition up to 10 or up to 20 - it is up to you! 

Ten frames

Use this treasure chest ten frame (or you could make your own out of an egg box?!) and see which numbers you can make. See if you can make all of the numbers 1-10 and adults to ask the questions below. 


Questions to ask your child when using ten frames:

*How many ones is it? 

*Which two numbers make it?

*How many more would you need to get to 10? 

Online addition games