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Key Stage 2 Primary Schools Gymnastics Competition

Tuesday 27th January 2015


Last night, I took eight, year 4, 5 and 6 children to a gymnastics competition at Morecambe High School to compete against fifteen other schools teams. We were against teams from Slyne, Bolton le Sands and Great Wood, to name a few.

The teams competed against each other on bench work and floor routines, linking together a range of skills and movements. The children performed with elegance and grace, showing true team spirit. An asset to the school!


After all of the school teams had competed, the final three teams were chosen to compete against each other in the final. Individual children were also selected to compete in finals, these were split into ‘Non-Gym Club’ finalists and ‘Gym Club’ finalists. Niamh Sanderson, year 6, made it in to the ‘Non-Gym Club’ finals, with both Sophie Carter-Steele, year 6 and Elena Lambert, year 5, making the ‘Gym Club’ finals! The Torrisholme teams made the final three along with a team from Slyne.


Both Torrisholme teams, had to perform their bench and floor routines again to gain their final scores. After a nerve-wracking wait, they finally announced the results with Torrisholme Team 2 (Ruby Thornton- year 5, Elena Lambert – year 5, Amelie Earnshaw – year 5 and Emily Rosen-Davies – year 4) coming in second place and Torrisholme Team 1(Sophie Cater-Steele- year 6, Olivia Roe- year 6, Niamh Sanderson- year 6 and Isabella Cottam – year 5) coming in first place! We could not have hoped for better results.


Congratulations Torrisholme! You were absolutely superb and should be very proud of yourselves! no

KS2 Gymnastics Competition Results

Gymnastics Competition 17.03.14


On Monday  17th March, eight year 2 children took place in the Key Stage 1 gymnastics competition at Morecambe High School.

Our gymnasts looked stunning, sporting their school leotards and tracksuits. The behavior of our pupils was outstanding and the respect shown to the other competitors showed just how mature our pupils really are.

Each gymnast had to perform their own bench and floor routine. Some moves in the floor routine consisted of forward rolls, teddy bear rolls, log rolls, bridges, front and back supports, bunny hops, tuck jumps, straight jumps and 180 degree jumps. Bench work included a squat onto the bench at the start, and then the children chose their method of travel, forwards, backwards or sideways. All children performed a dismount of either a tuck jump, star jump or straight jump.
I have to say the control with which our children performed their routines with was phenomenal. It was clear how much hard work they had put into practicing their routines. Very well done!

Finally, the much awaited results… Lottie Mills came 1st in the individual competitor event with a score of 19.7 out of 20!! Outstanding! Followed closely by Lilly and Nell Cheeseman, who came joint 2nd with a score of 19.5 each! Superb girls!

In the team events, Torrisholme Team 2 came 3rd overall, this team consisted of Lucy Harwood, Daisy Lowe, Josh Taylor and Alex Bales, and in 1st place was Torrisholme Team 1 consisting of Lottie Mills, Lilly Cheeseman, Nell Cheeseman and George Abel. Brilliant effort year 2! You did yourselves, your parents and your school proud!

Overall Torrisholme Primary School came 1st in the Key Stage 1 gymnastics competition!

Thank you to all the parents who gave up their time to come and support Torrisholme Primary School!

We look forward to the next competition!