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Group 1

Thursday 4th February 2021


Continue to read and listen to Day 4 of the story of Mulan.

Activity 1 - Starter


Answer the following 5 questions to check your understanding of the text:

  1. What sort of animal is grandmother’s lucky mascot?
  2. How does Mushu tell Mulan to say hello to the other soldiers? 
  3. How are the Captain and the General related?
  4.  Where will the General take the main troops to meet the Huns?
  5.  What does the General hand his son before leaving?
Activity 2 - Main lesson
Watch the clip to help you with the following activity:

Mulan Training Scene

Mulan has found the training camp and is about to begin her training. She is worried that the other soldiers will find out that she is a woman. How does she hide this? 


You are going to pretend to be Mulan and write a diary entry about her your first day.

Consider the following points before you write:

  • Make a list of the different things that happen.
  • How are you getting on with the other soldiers?
  • What is the captain like?
  • Do you think it is going well?
  • Will you survive this? 


You will need these word documents

***Extra challenge


Whilst you are writing, add in noun phrases and expanded noun phrases. Watch the following video to remind you about them.