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Who's Who

Headteacher - Mrs K Pym

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs S Price


Reception Team

RB -  Mrs C Baker

RS - Miss C Shepherd 

Supported by: Mrs R McDonald, Mrs N Rawnsley, Miss G Brister, Mrs T House, Miss R Pyne and Mrs C Nixon 


Year 1 Team

1D - Mrs L Denney 

1KD - Mrs J Kippax and Mrs L Rhodes

Supported by: Mrs C Pacholczak and Miss C Thomas


Year 2 Team

2M - Miss H Metcalfe and Mrs J McMahon 

2D - Mrs K Dickinson (Assistant Headteacher)

Supported by: Mrs C Allison, Mrs J Thornburrow, Mrss S Retallick, Mrs S Woodhouse and Mrs F Urquhart


Year 3 Team

3J - Mrs K Jones 

3P - Mrs S Patel

Supported by: Mrs G Thistlethwaite, Mrs K Marriott, Miss A Riley and Mrs K Pearson


Year 4 Team

4T - Mrs N Taylor 

4S - Mrs L Scholey

Supported by: Mrs J Davies, Mrs T Tuer, Mrs H Hunter and Miss A Riley


Year 5 Team

5J - Mr M Elwers

5A - Mrs A Haine

Supported by: Miss R Donaghey 


Year 6 Team

6S - Miss M Stalker (Assistant Headteacher)

6G - Miss P Graham

Supported by: Mrs J Shaw, Mrs A Crozier and Mrs C Harrison


PPA Teachers - Mrs L Green and Mr M Harding


SENCO - Mrs J Dowker

Learning Mentors - Mrs D Winder and Mrs C Allison


School Office Staff

Mrs C Caskie

Mrs D Opie

Miss H Gibbs

Mrs K Wess


Site Supervisor - Mr S Pritchard

Cleaning Staff

Mrs V Pacholczak

Mrs R Baines

Mr J Mason

Miss C Thomas


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs M Perkin

Mrs T Tuer

Mrs J Shaw

Mrs C Allison

Mrs J Davies

Mrs J Hacioglu

Mrs C Robinson

Mrs G Thistlethwaite

Miss S Morris

Mrs H Hunter

Mrs AJ Crozier

Miss C Woodend

Miss C Giddins