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Friday 29.01.21

Happy birthday, lovely Layla! We hope you have a brilliant day! Xx

Happy Birthday, Layla!

Spot the split digraph!


Can you circle all the words with a split digraph? How many words did you find?


Can you create your own Alien? Draw a picture of the alien Bob meets in your story and write some sentences to tell me about it? What does it look like? Does it have spots? Does it have stripes? How many eyes does it have? How many feet?


CHALLENGE: Can you use describing words for your alien? For example: blue spots, yellow stripes, hairy feet, brown eyes


This is our last day of learning about 3D shapes Year 1 so we have a great game of I spy for you to play! Using the picture from your paper pack (pictured below) can you play some I spy games with your grown up? You could do this in a number of ways e.g.

•          I spy (with my little eye) a shape that has a curved surface

•          I spy (with my little eye) a shape beginning with c

•          I spy (with my little eye) a red shape

•          I spy (with my little eye) a shape that would/would not roll.

Have fun Year 1!

Common Exception

Word Handwriting

Practise your Common Exception Words using neat handwriting.
Topic - Choose an exciting activity from our space adventure activity pack!