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Friday 12th February

Head to the website below and click English Games. Scroll through and have a go at the following phonics games;
-Spooky Sounds
-Phonics Pop
-Poop Deck Pirates
-Forest Phonics

Once you choose a game it may ask you to pick some sounds to focus on. Choose phase 2 or any sounds you know that we've taught the children.
Letter Formation – using the sheet in your pack write the missing sound for the words. The missing sound is a tall letter and this is our focus for this activity. Can you form the letter correctly making it tall? Ensure you write the letters without taking your pencil off, don’t add a tall stick at the end. Check out the alphabet strip below, can you spot the tall letters? Can you see how they are taller than some of the short letters?
Measuring video and activity – watch the video below to learn about accurate measuring. Now find a short, medium and tall teddy/toy and see if you can build a tent/doorway/house for them. Try and focus on the language taller and shorter as you build for your toys. Underneath the video you can see some that we've built for a tall, medium sized and short toy.


Wider Curriculum - are there any last activities from our Chinese New Year Pick and Mix sheet that you can do together today?