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Tuning Your Ukulele


This is quite tricky but you can do it! It may be useful to ask a parent or relative for help. You have seen how I turn the tuning pegs to tune the ukulele. 

Things to remember:

  1) Turn the tuning pegs carefully and use only small turns,

  2) Sing the note in your head and listen to your string until they match.


Look at the following videos to help:





Ukulele Tuner - Online Uke Standard Tuning GCEA

Ukulele Tuner - Standard Uke Tuning GCEA with High G StringOnline Ukulele Tuner For High G Uke, Tune Your Ukulele Easily!Suitable for:Soprano ukuleleConcert ...

Another way to tune your ukulele is to get a ukulele tuner device or there are some free ukulele tuning apps for the phone. This video shows you how to use a ukulele tuning app.

How to tune a UKULELE for total beginners

► ANDY'S FREE UKULELE COURSE ON YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bTE5fbxDsc&list=PL-RYb_OMw7Ge2KE0P_RP83vZyWxoC4OiOUke in this video is a Journey Ins...



Your ukulele was in tune at the end of term and even if it is not totally in tune, you can still play and have fun.


The more you practise your ukulele, the more it will stay in tune!