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Describe a character

Good morning 3H!

Character descriptions are woven throughout stories to help us create an image in our minds of the characters we are reading about and involved with. Without them, we would struggle to feel a connection to the characters and the plot. They are really important in giving us viewpoint and feeling and they help us form an opinion on how the story will move forward.


Today I would like you to describe the appearance of a (rich) Victorian girl. In our story, The Secret Lake, Stella and Tom are met with a surprise down by the lake - two girls dressed in full and fancy Victorian clothing. The characters are shocked by how different their appearance is to what they themselves are wearing. So this is your task! Describe the clothing of the Victorian girl (look online for more examples of clothing worn by wealthy Victorian children if you wish) and consider how different their clothing is to ours. The pictures will be black and white so use your imagination to create the clothing colour. I look forward to reading them!


Would you like to wear that clothing style? Why?