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Session 6 Tuesday



Warm-up: Fire up those neurons and get ready for today’s Flashback Four questions.



Main activity: Subtracting Money


Children to follow the instructions on the sheet.


Answers for the activity will be added onto the website for you to self-mark to check your progress.


Using your own picture of Fletch and the adjectives you found to describe him write a short character description.


TOP TIP: Remember to use your words to paint an accurate picture of this surprising character. Aim for Chilli 3 sentences!


Don’t forget to send in your work so that we can make a gallery of Fletch pictures and descriptions.

Day 6 - Terrific Topic



PE- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXt2jLRlaf8

Joe Wicks workout!



Topic book- read pages 8 and 9 ‘Vesuvius’ which is Section 2- Violent Volcanoes. Then answer the questions in the Activity Booklet.