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Thursday 14.01.21

IMPORTANT MESSAGE - The next home learning pack for the weeks beginning Monday 18th and Monday 25th January is available to collect from school on Friday morning from 9am onwards.


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We are going on a bear hunt!


One of Mrs Kippax’s all-time favourite stories is 'We Are Going On A Bear Hunt!' You are going to listen to the story online using the link below and think really carefully about the important parts which make up the story. We would then like you to draw your own story map of the story to help you re-tell it to a grown-up/us. Think about each important part of the story and draw an picture to represent it. You could even add some important words of phrases to it to help you remember that part. We have included some example story maps for different stories below to help you.

'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury


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Name that shape!


We have given you some different shape rockets to create today. There are a lot to choose from or if you wish, you could do them all!


Using your 2D shape mat to help you, cut out and name the shapes then stick in the right place in the shape rocket. Think carefully about each shape you are using, how many sides does it have? How many corners? 

Blast off!

Amazing Artists

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Amazing Artist!

Choose a special object from home to sketch and draw!


Top Tips:

Look Closer - Take a closer look at what you are drawing.  Is it rough or smooth?  Is it shiny or dull?  What colours is the object made up of? What markings can you see? Try to include all of these details in your drawing

Use Your Hands - If you can, pick up the object and feel it. Be careful if it is fragile. What are the textures like? Is it rough or smooth? Is it hard or soft? Think about how you might draw these textures.

Light and Shade Look at the shadows on what you are drawing. Where is the light source? What shadows can you see? Which are the light areas and which are the dark?

Keep Looking - Make sure you keep looking at what you are drawing and checking your drawing against it. Are the proportions correct? Have you missed anything?

Please share your amazing artwork with us, have fun our amazing artists!

Handwriting Practise – ‘er’



Today, following your handwriting sheet you are going to practise some of the words using the ‘er’ sound.

Phonic Fun – Word Pairs


Can you match the picture cards to the word cards? Try to remember where you saw the two matching cards to find a pair.

Tomorrow is 'Fancy Hair Friday!'

How will you style your hair?