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Tuesday 26th January


Read a phonics book at Big Cat Collins eBook website. 


Have a look at Mrs Robinson's video all about making your own rhyming book! For this activity, you will need some pieces of paper, a pencil and maybe some colouring pencils. 


Before you start - can you complete our rhyming warm up activity? Look at the big picture, say what it is and select which other word rhymes with that picture - point to it. Remember - rhyming words have the same sound at the end of the word. 

Concertina Rhyming Books (CVC Words)


Watch Miss Shepherd and Mrs Robinson's video to see how to play the 3D Shape Shop game! Your grown up will need to make the 3D shapes for you from the 3D shape nets in your home learning pack. 


How to play the game:

*You need 2 players - 1 person needs to be the shop keeper and 1 other person needs to be the customer. 

*Shop keeper to lay all of the shapes out infront of them

*Customer orders shapes from the shop by describing them but DO NOT use the shapes name. Use language such as "Can I have the shape that rolls like a ball?" for a sphere, or "Please can I have the shape that is like a dice?" for a cube.

Shape Shop Game

Play this game to help you describe and name 3D shapes

Wider Curriculum

Please choose from the Space Pick and Mix activities.